Request for Construction Bids WorkHub at 77 Maple, Springfield, MA

Calling independent small businesses & artists interested in

retail space in downtown springfield

Resources (rental subsidy & professional services) available

Lease it local ~ a NEW program ~ click here to learn more



DevelopSpringfield serves as a catalyst for public and private investment and economic revitalization in the City of Springfield.

Our mission is to help create conditions that encourage private development, with a bricks-and-mortar focus and always with an eye toward understanding and meeting Springfield’s unique and diverse redevelopment needs.

DevelopSpringfield was formed in 2008 as a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation to advance development and redevelopment projects, to stimulate and support economic growth, and to expedite the revitalization process within the City of Springfield. The organization’s board of directors includes representatives from the City, state, and local business community.

DevelopSpringfield brings to the development process a noteworthy measure of flexibility and a clear commitment to demonstrating that development in Springfield can make economic sense.

We are fully focused on economic development and revitalization in the City of Springfield. Our programs and projects are designed to address a variety of issues and to work toward strategic redevelopment that will attract private investment in business as well as help to make Springfield the place where people want to live, work and recreate.